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Fishing Report - July 10 2020

Fishing Report - July 10 2020


We are stuck in the summer doldrums here in Rangeley. The high water of a week ago has receded, but it sounds like more is on the way over the next couple of days. Unfortunately water temps are creeping back up into the "not-too-good" range. Lake temps are in the mid 70's which makes for slow action on the surface. The next round of rain should cool and raise levels for another round of good fishing on the small waters. I have not heard of any new salmon up the Kennebago after last week's high water. The Rapid is also warming up but some good salmon can still be had by nymphing deep. Small pheasant tails and olive caddis are a good place to start. The Magalloway has the coldest water and the best fishing right now. Lots of stoneflies and medium size olive caddis. Green caddis worms and pheasant tails are good nymphs. Remember the nymphs tend to get smaller in size as the summer progresses. 

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