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Fishing Report - July 3 2020


A great sigh of relief was heard here in the mountains after the rainfall this week. We received from 4 to 6 inches of rain over the course of 4 days. All the rivers were at bankful but are now receding. The dams are releasing lots of water so fishing is a bit limited for a couple of days on the big rivers. The Magalloway will run rafting flows during the day this week end. Streams and the headwaters should be at great levels to fish this weekend. Water temps are good for now in the 56-60 degree range on the smaller water. Stoneflies and caddis are the bugs to match, B.W.O.'s on the water that has colder temps. Drakes are around but have not been as consistent as in the past. The heavy flow on the Kennebago will most likely bring a good run of salmon up the river for the summer. For fresh salmon the best method is your basic black ghost and other smelt patterns. Smelt have been their diet when in the lake so they will feed on them when first up the river. The next week should be good fishing once the waters settle down.
     There has been some talk this week about the fishing pressure on the Magalloway. First, it must be understood that we are experiencing unprecedented growth and participation in the pastime of fly fishing. This is possibly leading to rough handling of fish that can lead to them dying after release.  We should all be extra careful and  help others to understand the proper way of handling and releasing these special trout. Another big problem is the damage being done to the fish through aggressive fishing practices. Aggressively stripping large streamers on heavy tippet can only lead to fish injury and unnecessary fatigue. Also, fishing at night gives these large brookies no rest and time to feed in peace. If we loose these big brookies  they can't spawn and pass on their genes for future generations of fly fishers to experience.



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