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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - August 13, 2021

Posted on August 13 2021

pond in rangeley

We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the mountains. It has been in the high 80's for the last couple of days and most fly fishers are taking a break in the shade. I fished the backcountry yesterday and had a great day starting early and finishing by lunch time. The water temp was 61 when I started and 68 when I finished. This is what you need to do when the heat is on. The Magalloway is fishing alright, the fish haven't gone anywhere they just hide in quiet places and become more of a challenge to catch. Nymphing is the game right now; stones, caddis emergers, and mayflies like the pheasant tail and WD-50. Remember to play the fish quickly, keep them in the water, and return in a timely manner. Many are spending time on stillwater in the quiet of the early morning when temps are at their lowest. Doodle bugs, klinkhamers, and x-caddis are good flies to have with you. Try to make the best of these summer days. Few bugs, lots of berries to eat and splashes of autumn color on the mountain slopes.


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