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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - July 22 2021

Posted on July 22 2021

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - July 22 2021

Our  week has been mostly cloudy and wet. We have had rain at some point every day during the last 4 days totaling around 1 1/2 inches. The headwaters of the rivers have come up to a nice level but not high. It is nice to see some depth and current return to these already skinny waters. The Magalloway today had a water temp of 59 at the hydro and 66 further down the river. There are still caddis in the air and we caught fish on mayfly nymphs and deer hair caddis. When the flows bump up due to rain is a good time to try the streams like Cascade, South Bog and Bemis. Take advantage of the changes in weather that influence the quality of summer fishing. Fish early in the day. The first thing you learn as a fly fishing kid growing up in Maine is start early and end early.  Don't give up on the fishing season because of a few warm days. The saying goes that fly fishing always brings you to beautiful places so go find yours.



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