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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - July 15, 2021

Posted on July 15 2021

a river in Rangeley

We have had some rain this week to water the ground but not much in the way of run off. Water temps fluctuate with the air temps.  The Magalloway was 64 degrees today up from 60 at the beginning of the week. My sport and I saw plenty of healthy brookies today on the Mag. and caught them on both dries and nymphs. The best flies are small tan caddis, B.W.O. dries and big and ugly stonefly dries. The ponds still have some drake and hex hatches depending on the weather. Stillwater caddis are also common on the ponds. The back country is low but the fish are still there in the most protected pockets. You can expect to find cold water the further up the rivers and streams you go. The bugs aren't too bad and the raspberries are not yet ready to munch on.  Have fun.


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