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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - July 8 2021

Posted on July 08 2021

river in the rangeley region

We have enjoyed some cooler days this week and are looking forward to a good shot of rain. Water temps are not too bad most places. This morning the Magalloway was 60 degrees, but low as they lowered the flow to 130 cfs. The flow is back up now and will be up over the week end for the rafting. The main bugs on the Mag are caddis and blue wing olives. Stoneflies are not around so much but will be back around. The Rapid water temp is in the 66-68 degree range but the alder flies are gone. There are still some nice salmon and brookies around and should be until the water warms. Upper Dam is still fishing well on the cooler days. Look for the smaller waters to come up with this rain. Remember that water temps and good fishing cycle up and down throughout the summer depending on the weather. Try your best to hit the water when it is good but have fun no matter what.


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