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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - Sept. 10 2021

Posted on September 10 2021

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - Sept. 10 2021

We received .5 inches of rain here yesterday and maybe more further north.  They also increased the flow from the dam on the Kennebago which gave the river a noticeable increase in level. Water temps are good in the 55-60 degree range except on the Magalloway which is as warm as 68 at the bridge. Flow at the Magalloway is 130csf while upper dam has been bumped up to 750. The fish are in all the places they usually would be so the fall season has begun. The pools on the Kennebago are not as large as with normal flow so not as many fishermen will fit at one time. The Rapid remains at low flow but as water temps drop fishing should be good. Have fun, explore, be patient.


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