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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - Sept. 16, 2021

Posted on September 16 2021

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - Sept. 16, 2021

Yesterday we received 1 inch of rain and more north in the river headwaters. I checked the Cupsuptic this morning and it was high and dirty. The Kennebago was up and I think most other freestones were also. Water temps were in the 56-60 degree range this morning. This rain storm will probably move fish into all the places they should be this time of year. Fish that are fresh up a river will usually be active for streamers and dries for the first couple of days and then get harder to hook. The Magalloway had a small increase in flow today but the water temps remain on the warm side. The Rapid also had a rise in flow and should fish well for salmon. Fly selection in the fall can be hard. You have to try lots to figure it out sometimes and it can change daily. Streamers are good when the fish are fresh; dries can work as temps rise during the day. If you see fish rising try soft hackle wet flies just below the surface. Black leeches can be effective in the deep pools. Yellow and red are good streamer colors. Things are looking good, so get out and enjoy the fall fishing and weather.


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