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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - August 4 2022

Posted on August 04 2022

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - August 4 2022

 The weather here continues its summer cycles going from warm summer days to  cooler days with periods of rain separating the two. The larger rivers remain to warm to fish for trout except for the Magalloway which has water temps in the 60-68 degree range. The water has become off color coming down the river channel as it always does this time of year. I usually will progress to smaller and smaller nymphs for B.W.O.'s and Caddis. Water temps in the back country are in the 58-60 range in the morning but can go up 6 or 8 degrees by the afternoon if the day is hot. Sometimes if the water temps have gotten too cold (in the mid to upper fifties) it can help to not start at the crack of dawn. Wait till mid morning if you want to use dry flies. My small brookie flies of choice are parachute royal wulff, purple haze and klinkhamers. Be sure to take floatant as the flies are always needing to dry off. There is a good crop of blueberries that are just beginning to ripen up.

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