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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - June 2 2022

Posted on June 02 2022

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - June 2 2022


It has been a very different spring here in the Rangeley region compared with last year. We have been getting rain every week and day time temps are normal. River flow levels are normal and water temps are still in the 50's. Mayfly hatches are happening but caddis are not a factor yet. I saw some dragon flies yesterday and some cased caddis crawling around on the river edge today.  Both the Rapid and Magalloway seem to be a little slow right now but this sometimes happens after the sucker spawn is over. I am sure it will pick up as the weather settles into the normal summer pattern. The Kennebago could have some salmon in it soon if we get a charge of rain to raise the level. Don't forget to check out the first Rangeley Fly fishing Festival this Friday and Saturday. Call or e mail for more info or go to the Chamber website.

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