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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - June 9 2022

Posted on June 09 2022

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - June 9 2022


Our cool early summer weather continues here in the  mountains. We received 1 1/4 inches of rain in the last two days which should bring up the levels of the streams and rivers.  This might lead to the release of some water on the dam controlled rivers. The Magalloway has been low this week due to a breakdown at the power station but is back up as I write this. Water temps remain low in the 56 - 60 degree range.  The caddis should start to appear as water temps get near the 60 degree mark. Mayflies are starting to wane but fish will still be looking up for them for awhile. Many times this week I had my clients fishing with dries although there were no bugs or rising fish. They still took flies because they were looking for the bugs they had been feeding on for weeks.  Weather conditions, cool temps, rain and cold water are setting us up for a great summer season that we have not had for for a number of years.

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