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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - June 23 2023

Posted on June 23 2023

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - June 23 2023

The weather here has been dry and warmer this week. Cold morning temps have kept the water temps in the mid to high 50's. There are still mayflies around in some places but caddis will replace them soon.  The Drakes are out on some of the lakes including Kennebago. Rivers were all high after last weekend's rain but are on the way down. Next week's predicted weather should bump them back up. This is good in the long run. Fish are most likely in the rivers but you might not catch them until flows get normal. It would be good to learn how to fish high water. Fish, especially brookies like to hold in places out of the heavy flow that high water brings. Look for these places. Look down the edge of the river for small coves or quiet places behind rocks. Work down stream swinging a streamer into these places using the current. Use a split shot to get the fly down off the surface. Fish can be right up into the grass and will react quickly to an approaching streamer. The Magalloway will be running rafting flows this week end from 10 to 3. The Rapid and Upper Dam flows are on the high side but don't give up.



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