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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - June 8 2023

Posted on June 08 2023

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - June 8 2023

It has been a wet, cold, overcast week here in the mountains. Air temps have been in the 45-50 degree range and water temps are around 50. The tailwaters remain at lower levels than usual and the freestones are slowly rising with the rain. My sports have had a great week fishing nothing but dries even with the cool weather. The bugs in the air are an assortment of mayflies from B.W.O.'s to Pale Evening Duns. I even saw a few Drakes in the air. I noticed today that the fish are more educated and picky than they were on Monday. I have not seen many Caddis but have heard reports of them being at the Mag. You need to be ready for anything at anytime this time of the season. An unexpected sunny break can change your day with a hatch or rising flow could move new fish up from a lake.  It looks like this weather pattern is expected to continue thru next week and that is fine with me. Years ago the first half of June was always cloudy and damp and the fishing was better farther into the summer as a result.


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  • Shannon Leary: June 15, 2023

    Hey Brett, thanks for the update!
    The past month has been the same experience for me in The Forks/Jackman area.
    Tight lines,

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