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Puterbaugh Caddis - Fly of the Month

Posted on March 05 2019

Puterbaugh caddis fishing fly a great fast water pattern for rivers like the Magalloway and Rapid a guide's go-to choice
Puterbaugh Caddis
The Puterbaugh Caddis was developed by Don Puterbaugh, a long time guide on the Arkansas river in Colorado.  This is a high floating and versatile pattern.  It can pass for a caddis or terrestrial.  I have used this pattern for years and sometimes it is the only caddis imitation you need. 
Hook     - dry fly size 12-18
thread   - black 8/0 or smaller
body      - black 2 mm foam, ¼ “ wide
wing      - bleached elk or deer hair
hackle   - 2 brown feathers


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