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Squirmy Wormie

Posted on February 08 2019

squirmie wormie fly from the fly shop newsletter
    This month's fly is the squirmy wormie.  This pattern was first created and fished by Dave Hise of North Carolina.  Some fishermen wouldn't think of using this fly, (Sometimes I would be one of them.) But there is no denying its success.  I first saw the fly when a customer who is a competitive angler came into the shop and gave me some after catching a 26" salmon on it at the Mag.  The worm material can be hard to work with and takes practice learning to secure it without cutting it.  (The flat UTC thread helps.) The great movement of the silicone material is what makes this fly such a fish catcher.

Hook - curved scud #10 -14
Bead - any color, sized to match
Thread - 70 denier UTC to match silicone color
Body - silicone worm
Tail - silicone worm



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