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Turck’s Tarantula - Fly of the Month

Posted on August 01 2013

Turck's Tarantula imitates a stone fly struggling to get off the water

This month’s fly is the Turck’s Tarantula. The Turck’s was created by a guide from Jackson Hole, Wyoming named Guy Turck. I first used this pattern 15 years ago when I started guiding. I remember exploring the pools of the Kennebago one evening and catching my first big Kennebago salmon on it. Since then it has been one of my go-to flies when I am looking to bring a big fish to the surface. To fish this fly effectively, put motion on it to copy a stone fly struggling to get off the water. This is a great pattern to pop along the surface of the water at dark where you know there are big fish lurking beneath. I have planned on adding the Turck’s to the shop, but haven’t found the time to tie them. I asked Bob and he has done a great job on the fly. Try some next time you hit the river “in search of the big one”.


Hook - long shank hook 6 – 10
Thread - tan 6/0 or stronger
Tail -  golden pheasant
Body - hares ear dubbing
Wing - Krystal flash, white calf tail, natural deer hair
Legs – round rubber
Head - spun deer hair


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