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This month's fly is the Cy-Clone. This fly was originated by Cy Eastlack a long time Rangeley resident and guide. The story goes that one day he was fishing on an area river and he found a fly wallet. When he opened it up, it was full of white hackle streamer similar to a Black Ghost. He started using them and caught some fish, so he started tying them, too. His friends suggested that he should give it a name. He decided that since it was a clone of what he found it would be named the Cy-clone.

Hook - streamer
Thread - black
Tail - Golden pheasant tippet
Body -  Black floss
Rib - gold tinsel
Wing - White marabou
Throat - Yellow and orange bucktail

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Randy Shell - May 2, 2023

Fished with Cy in the ‘90’s. Great guy and great guide. Fished the local dams with him. Introduced Ed Story’s Crackleback to him (which worked well below the dam on landlocked salmon).
Want to fish the area again some day, especially Middle Dam. Looking for big brookies (like everyone).

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