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Posted on August 09 2021

Cy-Clone - Rangeley Region Sports Shop



This month's fly is the Cy-Clone. This fly was originated by Cy Eastlake a long time Rangeley resident and guide. The story goes that one day he was fishing on an area river and he found a fly wallet. When he opened it up, it was full of white hackle streamer similar to a Black Ghost. He started using them and caught some fish, so he started tying them, too. His friends suggested that he should give it a name. He decided that since it was a clone of what he found it would be named the Cy-clone.

Hook - streamer
Thread - black
Tail - Golden pheasant tippet
Body -  Black floss
Rib - gold tinsel
Wing - White marabou
Throat - Yellow and orange bucktail


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