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Female Adams

Posted on November 07 2021

Female Adams - Rangeley Region Sports Shop



This Month's pattern is the Female Adams. It is simply an Adams with a yellow tag on the back end. This yellow tag can simulate the egg sack that forms on the mayfly. I find it also can work during caddis hatches. This simple change in the pattern can sometimes make the difference in your success. The regular Adams fly was created in the 1920's  but little is known about the addition of the yellow tag on the Female version. Most likely it was an variation made by the originator of the pattern. 

Hook - dry fly size 10-18
Thread - grey or black
Tail - Mixture of brown and grizzly fibers spade hackles
Body - Muskrat dubbing
Egg sac - yellow floss or dubbing
Wing - Grizzly hen hackle tips

Hackle - 1 brown  and 1 grizzly hackle




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