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Grizzly Wulff

Posted on January 26 2022

Grizzly Wulff - Rangeley Region Sports Shop
This months pattern is the Grizzly Wulff. The fly was created by Dan Bailey of Montana in the mid 1930's. Dan and Lee Wulff were good friends that fished together often. At that time Lee had just created the Wulff design that used bucktail hair as the wings and tail. He was looking for a fly that could continue to float on top in the fast water of rivers they fished and the hollow deer hair did the trick. Over time the bucktail hair that he originally used was replaced with calf tail hair. The first fly that Lee tied in his new style was the Gray Wulff.  Dan followed him up with the Grizzly and Black versions. In my Wulffs I have replaced the calf tail with deer body hair which I think is easier to work with. 

Hook - Dry fly size 6-14
Thread - Brown Uni 8/0 or 16/0 Veevus for smaller sizes
Tail - Deer body hair
Body - Yellow floss
Wing - Deer body hair
Hackle - One brown feather and one grizzly

For help in tying with deer hair you can look at this blog I wrote.


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