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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
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Green Weenie - Fly of the Month

   This month's fly is the Green Weenie. Variations of the Green Weenie have been around for 20 years or more.  Original flies were floating, the recipe below is for one that will sink.  The first  fly was to imitate an inchworm, but they are used in waters that have never hosted such a bug.  Florescent pink, red, purple, dark tan – many colors are fished successfully.  Beads or not, wire or not, loop tail or not – give it a try.  It's an easy tie and you can fill your box with lots of “trout candy” for next summer.

Hook - 3x long nymph size 10-16
Bead - gold
Thread - color to match body
Underbody - leadfree wire
Body -  chartreuse ultra chenille
Tail - chartreuse ultra chenille

Use enough wraps of wire to secure the bead and add bulk to about the front half of the shank.  Secure the chenille to the top of the hook starting at the eye.  Make a small loop of chenille at the bend, bring the thread back to the front and wrap the chenille forward.  Tie off behind the bead.  There should be a slight taper to the body. 

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