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Soft Hackle Hares Ear

Posted on December 05 2018

maineflyshop soft hackle hares ear wet fly with bead head


This month’s fly is the soft hackle Hare’s Ear nymph.  This is one of my favorite flies.  During the summer, I use it in smaller sizes for tan Caddis hatches.  It can be fished deep or swung in the surface film.  In the fall, it is good in larger sizes as a wet fly in combo with other wet flies like Partridge and Orange, or Red Fox Squirrel nymph.  It can also have a bead on the head to sink it a little.  Sometimes I put a red thread band on the head.
Hook - Dry fly size 10-18
Thread - Tan
Body - Hares Ear dubbing
Rib - small gold wire
Hackle - Grey mottled Brahma hen feather



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