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Sparkle Worm & Zebra Midge

Sparkle Worm & Zebra Midge

 March’s fly of month is actually a fly combination in celebration of the coming of April. The pink sparkle worm and zebra midge nymph rig has caught many fish for me in the first days of April in our waters. The pink sparkle worm is a modification of the San Juan worm which was created by fishing guides in New Mexico. It copies a prolific aquatic worm called annelids. For us it imitates our local worms but most likely catches fish simply because of its shape and color. The zebra midge is the dropper fly on this killer combo of the spring. The zebra midge was created by Arizona fishing guide Lee Welling to copy the abundant midge pupa. Midges are also very abundant and important on our spring rivers. Black is the most commonly used color but I also have success with red. My favorite is the two toned one pictured below.  This rig is run under an indicator with enough split shot to keep the fly close to the sleepy, cold water fish on the bottom of the river. 

Sparkle Worm
Hook - curved caddis size 10
Thread - pink 
Body - pink pearl core braid  

Two Tone Zebra Midge
Hook - curved caddis size 16-20
Bead - gold to match hook size
Thread/ Body - Flat red and black 70 D ultra thread
Rib - x-small gold ultra wire
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