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Mop Fly

Posted on January 08 2019

maineflyshop mop fly made with mop chenille in many styles
  This month's fly is the Mop Fly.  It was created by the competitive fly fishing folks. We tied it last winter one Saturday at the shop.  The fly was the object of much critique and skepticism however when summer rolled around it really did catch fish.  There are countless variations of this fly, limited only by the tier's imagination.  Vary the color, bead or no bead, hot spot head, flashy collar, and so forth.  Dollar stores are a great source for colorful mops, so go get a couple and go to town tying!
Hook   - curved scud 10 or 12
thread – your choice- match the mop color or create a hot spot
body    - length of mop yarn
head     - ice dub


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