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Pat's Rubberlegs

Posted on July 29 2022

Pat's Rubberlegs

This months fly is the Pat's Rubberleg nymph. It was created by Pat Bennett a fishing guide from Island Park, Idaho. It started out as a popular fly in the Rockies and is now being used all around the world. It has certainly become one of our favorite and most effective nymphs. It works very well in the spring with a worm or egg dropper.  I believe another  reason it is so good in the spring time is that it also is a good imitation of  the cased caddis that are so abundant in our rivers.

Hook - 3x long nymph hook
Thread - brown
Weight - .025 lead free wire
Body - Medium variegated chenille
Legs, tail, antenna - Life flex, ginger

Legs and thread can change to match the body color


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