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Yellow Woolly Bugger

Posted on November 15 2022

Yellow Woolly Bugger
  This months fly is the Yellow Woolly Bugger. After I bought the shop a customer came in looking for this color of Bugger as it was his favorite at the time. Since then it has really been an effective pattern for brookies on certain ponds. It is also very productive during the drake and hex hatches. Sometimes I vary it by using a grizzly feather for the hackle. This gives the fly some depth and added realism as it moves through the water.

Hook - 4x long streamer
Thread - 8/0 yellow
Weight - .025 lead free wire
Tail - Yellow marabou, pearl krystal flash along the side
Body - Yellow medium chenille
Hackle - Yellow hackle

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  • ric burt: May 02, 2023

    i love fishing brookies in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada. and i will be tying some of these buggers for the upcoming season thank you and i enjoy your site

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