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  • Handling beads and hooks

    Apr 02 2019

    Putting beads on hooks can be a challenge sometimes - especially the real small ones. There are a couple of tools that can make it an eas...

  • Peacock herl bodies

    Mar 19 2019

      I have been tying Prince nymphs all day which has motivated me to talk about today's tying tip. The first thing I want to mention is co...

  • Making clean fly heads

    Mar 07 2019

      I want to talk about leaving a fly with a clean head. The fly head is a part of the fly that draws a lot of attention and often judges ...

  • Tying with Deer hair Part 2 ; spinning and down wings

    Feb 10 2017

       Not all deer hair is the same. The fine hair used for the down wing caddis is similar to that used for Wulff wings. The difference is ...

  • Tying with Deer Hair - Part One: Hairwing Wulffs

    Jan 16 2017

       I want to talk about choosing the right deer hair for tying Wullf flies.  First, not all deer hair is the same. It is sometimes not ev...

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