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dr grathem at a maine flt shop

Dr. Grantham



This month's fly from the past is the Dr. Grantham streamer. This pattern is of local origin and tied for the Rangeley Region Sports Shop. There is no history on the pattern other then what was told to me by an old timer one day in the shop. The Dr. Grantham streamer first appeared in the 1964 issue of the mail order catalog. The story I was told is that a man named Harold Spinney created it in honor of a Dr. Grantham who was a long time guest at the Pleasant Island resort on Cupsuptic Lake. Harold Spinney worked for Seven Islands Land Company and was also a part time guide. George Fletcher liked the fly and asked Harold to tie the pattern for the shop and the rest is history. When I purchased the shop I found a copy of the recipe in a file of old papers and patterns.


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michael t williams - April 14, 2020

Thanks for the history of this sweet looking pattern! Beautiful profile & colors.

I’ve never been to Maine, however, I’ve been enamored for about 60 years.

Michael T

anthony ostrowskj - April 14, 2020

Very nice of you to take the time to bring these old patterns to all. Never heard of this one until you brought it out, thank you. TonyO

Rich - April 14, 2020

Thank you for backstory on this fly. What an amazing find the original recipe is. Keep them coming.

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