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Warden's Worry

Posted on May 06 2020

Warden's Worry - Rangeley Region Sports Shop


This month's pattern from the past is the Warden's Worry. This streamer was originated in 1930 by Maine Game Warden Joseph Stickney of Saco. This pattern was in the Fletcher's Fly Shop catalog from the beginning and appeared for sale in the " Kennebago Trout Streamline Bucktail " collection. The fly I tied for the photo follows the pattern that is in the shop's catalog from 1947, however there are many variations on the original out there. I tie the ones for the shop with a different body color and no hackle on the front. Some variations call for a gold rib while the one in the photo has a silver rib. Bucktail streamers were very popular back in the 30's through the 60's. This pattern is effective on fall brookies on the Cupsuptic and Kennebago Rivers. I was fishing the Cupsuptic River one September and watching an old timer catch one trout after another. When we got talking he told me to use anything yellow and red in the fall. I dug around in my box for a Wardens Worry and caught fish.  Now I always make sure I have a good supply come September.


Tail - Scarlet wing fiber

Ribbing - Silver tinsel

Body - Yellow wool yarn

Wing - Brown bucktail

Hackle - Yellow


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  • James J McGuire: May 08, 2020

    A beautiful streamer from the past.

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