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Kennebago Wolf (Welch Dry Fly)

Posted on March 08 2020

kennebago wolf at maine fly shop


  This month’s pattern is the Kennebago Wolf.  The Kennebago Wolf is listed in the 1947 Fletcher’s Fly Shop catalog. It is listed as a “New  Wulff fly - Lee Wulff pattern".  It was created by George Fletcher in honor of Herb Welch and was originally named the “Welch Dry Fly”.  Herb used it so much on the Kennebago River and Lake that other fishermen started to call it the “Kennebago Wolf” and the name stuck.  While the wulff style was created by Lee Wulff in 1930, Fletcher used the word “wolf” in the early catalogs. This information came from the book on Herb Welch written by the Hilyards.

Hook   -  dry fly size 6 – 14
Thread -  Black
Tail  -  sparse gray squirrel
Body  -  gray crewel yarn
Wing  -  sparse gray squirrel
Hackle  -  Golden Badger


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