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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Bird Hunting Trips

 A woodcock double

The Rangeley area has unlimited Grouse and Woodcock Habitat to hunt. There is no finer way to enjoy the month of October than in pursuit of the king of game birds behind an enthusiastic bird dog. I have a pack of Brittany Spaniels that would love to show you around their favorite hunting grounds. The land we hunt is working forest excessed  by a network of logging roads. Because the land is being managed as a working forest there is a great diversity of habitat. We hunt a good population of Ruffed Grouse and resident Woodcock and have a Steady supply of migrating flight birds passing thru. on their way south. I book hunts from the first of October through mid November or until the snow gets to deep. November hunting is limited to Grouse as the Woodcock are gone by then.

Guiding Rates

$350 per day for 1 or 2 hunters

Feel free to call or write for more information

$100 deposit required to reserve a day.  Only cash or checks accepted.

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