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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Fly Fishing Trips

  The Rangeley Region is blessed with many rivers perfect for brook trout and landlocked salmon. The Kennebago, Magalloway and Rapid consume most of our time and are fly fishing only. These magnificent rivers are known as, “The Big Three.” Others such as the Rangeley and Cupsuptic are also worth a try at certain times of the year. Wade fishing is the usual way to fish our rivers as they are too rocky for boats. Some sections of the Magalloway, Kennebago, and Cupsuptic can be floated with a canoe.
  We guide people with all levels of experience and do a lot of first time instruction. Learning how to cast starts on the lawn then progresses to the water. You will learn how to cast, read the water, wade safely, and land the fish you hook. Even the most experienced angler will often learn something new when they choose to use a guide rather than strike out on their own. We do a lot of nymph fishing in our rivers and I teach many fishermen how to effectively catch fish this way.
When I meet sports for a day of guiding we meet at the shop where you can get your fishing license and any flies or other gear you might need. The guide will transport you to the river and you are ready for a day of fly fishing on a scenic river full of sights and sounds. For the beginner, we also have rods and waders that you can rent for the day. During the hot summer months we will often fish very early or very late and take the hot time of the day off. We are blessed that the Magalloway River is a true tailwater that stays cool even during the dog days of summer.
For the adventurer we can go to a more remote stretch of water like the lesser fished sections of the Rapid or the headwaters of the Cupsuptic. The guiding season begins as soon as we can get on the water in April and goes to the end of September, but some waters are open thru October.

$425.00 / day for 1 or 2 people
$300.00 / half day for 1 or 2 people
Trips are limited to 1 or 2 anglers per guide, a third is possible under special circumstances.
What's included - Lunch and water, flies and tippet, transportation.
Deposit - There is a 50% deposit required to hold your guide trip date.
Cancel / Refund policy - A full refund of the deposit will be given if the trip is cancelled at least 30 days before the date of the trip. If cancelled inside of 30 days a full refund will be made only if and when the day is re booked.
How to book - You can book a fly fishing trip by calling the shop or e-mailing.
For those needing gear we we rent fly rods, waders and wading boots at the shop.

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