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The Rangeley region offers an incredible diversity of fly fishing opportunities. Most of our rivers are "fly fishing only" waters and have been for decades. Our rivers are mostly wade fishing waters but drift boat trips are offered on the larger Kennebec and Androscoggin and part of the Magalloway. For those who love fishing stillwater we have a vast variety of small ponds that are "fly fishing only" waters and no motors allowed for a quiet and peaceful experience.  Starting in the first of May, nymphs and streamers will catch the large Brookies for which our area is famous. Dry fly fishing starts around the end of the month of May with Hendrickson Mayflies and is in full swing soon after. As the summer warms the Landlocked Salmon fill the rivers and Drake Mayflies become the major hatches on our lakes and ponds. Fall fishing can be the best of the year as Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon fill the rivers on their annual spawning runs. Our guides love their jobs and will do all they can to provide a memorable outdoor experience. Check out our guide profile page.

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