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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Upper Dam


     This is a large pool below Upper Dam and is full of landlocked salmon and brook trout. It was the home of Carrie Stevens, her grey ghost fly, and other famous streamers and legends.
     Upper Dam Pool is often the first place a fly fisherman will visit when they come to the Rangeley area. It's the place everyone has heard of, mostly because of Carrie Stevens and her famous fly. Sometimes I wonder how many thousands of people have stood along the shore of the pool and swung a Grey Ghost streamer through the current.The pool is very broad with a strong current down the center of the pool creating two large back eddies and room for dozens of anglers to fish.There are many big fish in the pool and sometimes you can see them in the water at the base of the dam. Streamers are frequently fished in the big current and dries along the seams and quiet edges.The Bluewinged Olives seems to always be in the air and small nymphs and emergers are a good way to fish an olive hatch. A good way to "cover all the bases" is to fish a streamer or big dry with a small mayfly nymph as a dropper. The pool is also a very pretty place to fish with good views, rustic buildings, and wildlife. If you take a walk across the dam and follow the tote road you will come to Carrie Stevens' home where she lived and ran her fly business.


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