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  • Yellow Woolly Bugger

    Nov 15 2022

        This months fly is the Yellow Woolly Bugger. After I bought the shop a customer came in looking for this color of Bugger as it was hi...

  • Pat's Rubberlegs

    Jul 29 2022

    This months fly is the Pat's Rubberleg nymph. It was created by Pat Bennett a fishing guide from Island Park, Idaho. It started out as a...

  • March Brown

    Apr 12 2022

    This month's fly is the March Brown dry fly. This version is actually named the Flick's American March Brown. There are many different ve...

  • Sparkle Worm & Zebra Midge

    Mar 03 2022

          March’s fly of month is actually a fly combination in celebration of the coming of April. The pink sparkle worm and zebra midge nym...

  • Copper John

    Feb 09 2022

      This month’s fly is the Copper John nymph. The Copper John was created by John Barr of Colorado in the early 1990s...

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