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  • Female Adams

    Nov 07 2021

        This Month's pattern is the Female Adams. It is simply an Adams with a yellow tag on the back end. This yellow tag can simulate the e...

  • Mole Fly

    Oct 07 2021

        This month's pattern is the Mole fly emerger. This fly was created by Charlie Craven from Colorado. It has been around for a long tim...

  • Cy-Clone

    Aug 09 2021

        This month's fly is the Cy-Clone. This fly was originated by Cy Eastlake a long time Rangeley resident and guide. The story goes that...

  • Guides Choice

    Jun 11 2021

      This month's fly is the Guide's Choice nymph. This pattern was designed by the Greater Yellowstone fly shop in Montana. It is a flashy ...

  • Blue Winged Olive Parachute

    Mar 12 2021

        This month's fly is the Blue Winged Olive Parachute. The small B.W.O. is the first bug to hatch in the spring. It only requires water...

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