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  • Frost Blue Smelt

    Jun 07 2019

    Fly of the month This month's fly is the Frost Blue Smelt. This pattern was created by Dick Frost who owned the Rangeley Region Sport...

  • Peeking Caddis

    May 06 2019

      This month's fly is the Peeking Caddis. I don't have any background about this fly's origin, but it is a very popular and effective ...

  • Lightning Bug

    Apr 08 2019

        This month's fly is the Lightning Bug. I can't find much background info on this fly. Just that it has been around since the ea...

  • Puterbaugh Caddis - Fly of the Month

    Mar 05 2019

    Puterbaugh Caddis The Puterbaugh Caddis was developed by Don Puterbaugh, a long time guide on the Arkansas river in...

  • Squirmy Wormie

    Feb 08 2019

        This month's fly is the squirmy wormie.  This pattern was first created and fished by Dave Hise of North Carolina...

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