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  • March Brown

    Apr 12 2022

    This month's fly is the March Brown dry fly. This version is actually named the Flick's American March Brown. There are many different ve...

  • Copper John

    Feb 09 2022

      This month’s fly is the Copper John nymph. The Copper John was created by John Barr of Colorado in the early 1990s...

  • Grizzly Wulff

    Jan 26 2022

    This months pattern is the Grizzly Wulff. The fly was created by Dan Bailey of Montana in the mid 1930's. Dan and Le...

  • Female Adams

    Nov 07 2021

        This Month's pattern is the Female Adams. It is simply an Adams with a yellow tag on the back end. This yellow tag can simulate the e...

  • Mole Fly

    Oct 07 2021

        This month's pattern is the Mole fly emerger. This fly was created by Charlie Craven from Colorado. It has been around for a long tim...

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