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Fishing Reports - 2020

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  • Rangeley Region Fishing Report - July 30, 2020

    Jul 30 2020

      Over the last week we have received enough rain fall to sustain good water levels. The Magalloway is staying at 650 cfs for the most pa...

  • Fishing Report - July 23 2020

    Jul 23 2020

      Our area waters are in good shape for the end of July. Flows are good and colder water can be found on the smaller streams. We received...

  • Fishing Report - July 17 2020

    Jul 17 2020

        We had .5  to .75 inches of rain today and cool raw weather. Our water supply looks pretty good right now and temps have come down a ...

  • Fishing Report - July 10 2020

    Jul 10 2020

      We are stuck in the summer doldrums here in Rangeley. The high water of a week ago has receded, but it sounds like more is on the way o...

  • Fishing Report - July 3 2020

    Jul 03 2020

         A great sigh of relief was heard here in the mountains after the rainfall this week. We received from 4 to 6 inches of rain over the...

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