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  • Purple Psycho Prince

    Mar 01 2013

      The prince is possibly the most effective and widely used attractor nymph in the world. When a new dubbing material called Ice-dub fr...

  • Dam Wammy - Fly of the Month

    Feb 01 2013

    This month’s fly was created many years ago by a long time resident of Upper Dam, Wes Miller. Like many flies, it was developed to copy s...

  • X-Caddis - Fly of the Month

    Jan 01 2013

    Hook ­    -              94840 dry fly hook sizes 10-18 Thread ­                 color to match body, 8/0 Tail         -              Z-l...

  • Red Quill Parachute

    Dec 01 2012

    Hook – 94840 #12 – 16Thread – brown 8/0 or smallertail – brown hackle fibersbody – reddish brown stripped quillthorax – rust rabbit dubbi...

  • Kennebago Smelt

    Nov 01 2012

    This month’s fly is the Kennebago Smelt. It was created by Bud Wilcox of Rangeley and is best described in his own words: “I first tied t...

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