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  • Black Wulff

    Jan 05 2017

    The Black Wulff is this month’s fly.  Yes, the body color of the original pattern is pink.  The fly was created by Dan Bailey of Montana...

  • Sure Bet

    Dec 01 2016

      This month’s fly is the Sure Bet.  It was created by Selene Dumaine right here in Maine.  When asked by a local guide to make a fly tha...

  • A.P. Emerger

    Nov 14 2016

       This month's fly is the A.P. Emerger. A.P. stands for all purpose. The pattern was created by Denny Rickard of Oregon in the early 90'...

  • Little Brook Trout

    Oct 01 2016

      This month’s fly is the Little Brook Trout.  It was created by Sam Slaymaker of Pennsylvania in the 1960s.  It was one in a series alo...

  • Brassie

    Sep 01 2016

    This month's fly is a variation of the Brassie nymph. The Brassie is a midge emerger imitation that is very effective in the fall when th...

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