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  • Ballou Special - Fly of the Month

    Apr 01 2015

    This month’s fly is the Ballou Special, a smelt imitation that was created by A. I. Ballou in 1921 .  He is credite...

  • WD-50 - Fly of the Month

    Mar 01 2015

    This month’s fly is the WD-50.  I have fished this small nymph for a number of years and have come to depend on it when the fish get sma...

  • Hemingway Caddis

    Feb 01 2015

      Fly of the Month This month's fly is the Hemingway Caddis.  This is a new Caddis pattern to the shop.  I added it at the request of a c...

  • Peacock Caddis - Fly of the Month

    Jan 01 2015

    This month's fly is the Peacock Caddis. I first saw this pattern in a book by Al and Gretchen Beatty called Rotary Fly Tying Techniques....

  • Henryville Special - Fly of the Month

    Dec 01 2014

     The Henryville Special is one of the most effective flies for matching the spring green caddis hatches.  The first caddis of the season ...

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