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  • Peacock Caddis - Fly of the Month

    Jan 01 2015

    This month's fly is the Peacock Caddis. I first saw this pattern in a book by Al and Gretchen Beatty called Rotary Fly Tying Techniques....

  • Henryville Special - Fly of the Month

    Dec 01 2014

     The Henryville Special is one of the most effective flies for matching the spring green caddis hatches.  The first caddis of the season ...

  • Shufelt Special - Fly of the Month

    Oct 01 2014

    This month’s fly, the Shufelt Special, is named after its creator Robert Shufelt of Greenville, Maine.  This fly is ...

  • Griffith’s Gnat

    Sep 01 2014

     The fly of the month for September is the Griffith’s Gnat .The Griffith’s Gnat was first created and tied by Bob Summers of Michigan. ...

  • Parmachenee Wulff

    Aug 02 2014

          The Parmachenee Wulff is a Wulff style version of the wet fly of the same name.   This fly was created by Henry Wells and John Danf...

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