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  • Light Cahill

    Jun 11 2020

    The featured fly in this posting is the Light Cahill wet fly. The Cahill family of flies come from New York and were originated in the 18...

  • Warden's Worry

    May 06 2020

      This month's pattern from the past is the Warden's Worry. This streamer was originated in 1930 by Maine Game Warden Joseph Stickney of ...

  • Dr. Grantham

    Apr 05 2020

        This month's fly from the past is the Dr. Grantham streamer. This pattern is of local origin and tied for the Rangeley Region Sport...

  • Kennebago Wolf (Welch Dry Fly)

    Mar 08 2020

        This month’s pattern is the Kennebago Wolf.  The Kennebago Wolf is listed in the 1947 Fletcher’s Fly Shop catalog. It is listed as a ...

  • The "Fletcher's Super" Streamer Fly

    Feb 06 2020

    This is the first fly pattern in this blog series. The Fletcher Super recipe was listed in the 1947 Fletcher's Fly Shop mail order catalo...

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