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  • Just a Handshake

    Feb 27 2020

             Try to picture it:  A man works a demanding job in New York.  Work is exhausting.  The city is crowded.  For relaxation he fishe...

  • The Beginnings

    Feb 05 2020

         Fly tying became a hobby for George Fletcher in 1934 and within four years he was selling to the trade.  In 1937 he gave up his care...

  • Fletcher's Fly Stamps

    Feb 01 2020

    Here's another “treasure” we found in a box when we bought the store. Looks to be a set of stamps for labeling flies when they were maile...

  • George Fletcher and President Ronald Reagan

    Nov 22 2019

    We are so happy that Willard Hatch gave us this photo he took of George Fletcher, the founder of our shop.  The first member of the Veazi...

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