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Fishing Reports 2019

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  • Fishing Report - August 16 2019

    Aug 16 2019

      We received 1//3 to 1/2 an inch  of rain today and more is expected in the next couple of days. Flows remain low but there are still br...

  • Fishing Report - August 8 2019

    Aug 08 2019

        We received some much needed rain in the last couple of days. However the ground is so dry it just soaks it up with not much to impro...

  • Fishing Report - August 1, 2019

    Aug 01 2019

    The hot weather of this past week has left. We received only 0.3 inches of rain so it remains very dry. The Magalloway River is in the 62...

  • Fishing Report - July 25 2019

    Jul 25 2019

      The end of July is what it usually should be, warm and dry. The tailwaters are running at low flows as the lake levels have normalized....

  • Fishing Report - July 18 2019

    Jul 18 2019

      After some rain on Wednesday and a cool morning today the weather will be hot and dry thru the weekend. The Magalloway will be the col...

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