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Fishing Reports 2018

  • fall fishing on kennebago river maineflyfishing
    September 26, 2018

    Fishing Report - September 26 2018

    After some rain yesterday and another round tonight we are in good shape for the end of the season. This could be the the best end of season we have had for a couple of years. Flow in the streams...

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  • kennebago river maine flyfishing
    September 20, 2018

    Fishing Report - September 20, 2018

    The  weather has turned around nicely here in the last two days with cool temps both day and night. The only thing missing to give us a great end to the season is a rise in water levels. Most places...

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  • cupsuptic river flyfishing from maineflyshop
    September 13, 2018

    Fishing Report - September 13 2018

    After some cool days last week-end and 1 inch of rain on Tuesday we are now having sunshine and warm temps. We had water temps in the 50 degree range on Monday perfect for the fish to move up the...

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  • native brook trout from a small stream in rangeley maine
    September 7, 2018

    Fishing Report - Sept. 7 2018

    Sorry for the late report. The weather is changing here along with the leaves on the Maple trees. With cooler temps and some predicted rain the first of next week fishing should begin to improve. The Kennebago was 60 degrees...

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  • magalloway river brook trout maine fly shop
    August 30, 2018

    Fishing Report August 30 2018

    After a stretch of warm days and nights today was cooler and less humid. Today's high was lower than yesterdays low. These warm nights have boosted the water temps back up. The next couple of nights will be in the...

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  • quite morning in rangeley maine
    August 23, 2018

    Fishing Report - August 23 2018

    The catching continues to be slow here in the Rangeley area but the anticipation is high. We have received around 2 new inches of rain since my last report and flow levels are great. Water temps are also creeping down...

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  • Aziscohos lake maine fly fishing
    August 17, 2018

    Fishing Report - August 17 2018

    Not much has changed here over the last week. I am hoping that the next weather system that is working its way through will get rid of this humid weather we have had. Cool nights are essential to bring the...

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  • native brook trout from a river in rangeley area of maine
    August 10, 2018

    Fishing Report - August 10 2018

    The hot spell has finally broken here in the mountains. We received another 8 tenths of in inch of rain yesterday and flow levels are perfect. On the Magalloway not much has changed there are plenty of fish around though...

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  • maine fly fishing on the little magalloway river in western maine
    August 2, 2018

    Fishing Report - August 2 2018

    Warm days and nights have kept the water temps in the lakes and big rivers at or above 70 degrees.  The headwaters and streams are still in the low 60's. Flow in most places is at June levels. We received...

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